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Tama MBSS65-SKA Starclassic Performer Snare 14" x 6,5" Sky Blue Aurora

Tama MBSS65-SKA Starclassic Performer Snare 14" x 6,5" Sky Blue Aurora


Snare buben Tama z řady Starclassic Performer s rozměry 14" x 6,5", barva SKA - Sky Blue Aurora

Výrobce: Tama
Cena (EUR): 307 €
Původní cena: 8 380 Kč
Akční cena: 7 780 Kč

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TAMA's Starclassic shell design has included drums with various wood types, including pure maple, pure birch, pure bubinga, and "hybrid" bubinga/birch and walnut/birch. TAMA's evolution into the hybrid shell has been widely appreciated by drummers due to the complex and expressive sonic properties these hybrid shells produce. TAMA's newest Starclassic Performer series centers on the newest TAMA hybrid shell – maple/birch – to offer drummers a complex, powerful and expressive sound supported by rugged Starclassic performance. TAMA's Starclassic Performer series evolves the Starclassic legacy to provide a unique TAMA sonic component that redefines the art of professional drum set sound and expression at an undeniable value.


Serie Starclassic Performer
Article number MBSS65-SKA
Size 14" x 6.5"
Shell material 6mm, 4ply Birch + 2 inner ply Maple
Hoop Die Cast (10 Hole)
Tuning Lug MSL-SCT
Strainer/Butt MCS70A/MCS70B
Snare Wire MS20R14S
Drumhead Batterside Evans G1 coated
Drumhead Snareside Evans 300
Feature The Hybridshell combines thewarmth of maple with the clearness of birch
Finish High gloss
Made in China

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